How To Make Gold In Mists of Pandaria

Here’s a list of some of the best gold-making strategies I’ve discovered in Mists of Pandaria. If you’re looking for a way to make even more gold per hour, I recommend the Tycoon Gold Addon.

Now that Mists of Pandaria has hit, players are leveling their way through Pandaria and upon hitting level 90, you’re going to need some gold. As gold becomes easier to obtain, the price of gems, enchants and gearing up has become significantly higher so gold is just as relevant as ever and there are some simple but effective ways to make pretty good chunks of gold in Mists of Pandaria.

Don’t Vendor The Meat You Find

In other expansions, it usually wasn’t a profitable idea or worth your time to grind out meats because you’d rarely find a buyer and that was on a large popular server. However, with the latest expansion, Blizzard has fixed this by adding dailies that center on Cooking and require a wide variety of meats and fish that can be fished up from the various mining nodes in Pandaria. You don’t really have to farm them because there are dailies spread out across all over Pandaria that will either have you fishing or killing things that drop these meats.

The point is, don’t throw away or vendor that meat after finishing your dailies, put them all in the auction house.

Gathering Professions While They’re Hot

While cloth has become extremely easy to obtain and the price of the latest cloth to be added to the game is extremely low, the price of gathering professions such as mining and herbalism are at one of their all-time highs at the moment.

Why is this?

A lot of people have switched to Engineering or a crafting profession for some of the various benefits that have been added. There still may be a lot of people gathering, but there’s not nearly as many people as before.

The Tillers

Blizzard has added their own version of Farmville into the game via a Daily quest hub and While The Tillers dailies quests and reputation could be a guide on all its own, you can make pretty decent gold every day with the Tillers as you level up your farm and collect the right materials.

For day 1, just to get a feel for what’s selling the most on your server, you should plant one of every available plant (you’ll get an achievement as well for this called “Listen To The Drunk Fish”). From my personal experience, Striped Melons seem to be the biggest sellers for the cheap plants.

TIP: There is a NPC sitting at a pond next to the daily quest vendors called “Jogu”. If you give him a very small amount of gold for the day he’ll tell you which crops will have the best outcome and which ones you should be planting.

The Tillers


There are Dailies in just about every zone upon hitting Level 90. You have the Order of the Cloud Serpents in the Jade Forest, the Golden Lotus in the Vale of Eternal Blossom, The Tillers in Heart of the Four Winds, The Anglers in the Karasang Wilds, The Klaxxi in the Dread Wastes and later on when you become revered with the Celestials, you’ll receive some dailies for the Shadodopan in Townlong Steppes.

Each faction has unique quests that are unlocked as you go and each of them gives a significant amount of gold (around 20g). Also, don’t forget your daily Cooking and Fishing quests that are located in your home cities for relatively easy to do and quick quests. While grinding these dailies out daily might not sound like the most desirable idea to some, they also award you Valor points and you can easily get Valor capped for the week just simply by doing dailies.


Gems are more expensive than ever, which makes Jewelcrafting a great and viable option for making gold in Mists of Pandaria. If you’re just leveling up Jewelcrafting, you only need a 500 skill level in it to start prospecting Ghost Iron ore.

Jewelcrafting tends to make a lot of gold when expansions are fresh and while the expansion is only a month old, it’s best to hop on it now while gem prices are at an all-time high.

Your Target: You’re going to be targeting a mass of Ghost Iron Ore, White Trillium Ore and Black Trillium Ore.

Then, you’re going to make use of prospecting buy turning them into gems like the Primordial Ruby. While you can make Rings and Amulets, those are considerably low ilvl compared to what people will get when they first start doing heroics or Looking For Raid.

One of the easiest money makers with gems is to cut them into either +Strength or +Intellect gems as those are the two most common placed stat classes in the game.

The + Strength Red Gem for Mists of Pandaria is called Bold Primordial Ruby

The + Intellect Red Gem for mists of Pandaria is called Brilliant Primordial Ruby

The Sha Of Anger Tagging

This one requires you to react fast and to work through the lag after you tag him on a high population server. There’s a world Boss in the Kun-Lai summit that’s available to anyone who is there but it’s most popular among Level 90 players because he drops raiding and PvP gear. This was Blizzard’s answer to the Loot Piñata that’s been included with the last two expansions via Baradin Hold and the Vaults of Archavon.

You’ll have to be quick about this because there is usually other groups formed trying to look for him as well, but there are several different spawning points in the Kun-Lai Summit at where he may possibly spawn. You’ll see a distinct black smoke coming out of the ground 30 seconds before he pops up. This also works if you’re in a raid group because if you’re the first person to get the tag, you can leave that raid and then invite other people.

How do you make gold? Simply announce to General and in /yell that you were the tagger and that you’re selling spots to get in. Some people have offered 1k, 2k, 5k and even 15k gold just to have a one week shot chance at some loot or gold.

Hopefully we’ve given you some insight on some gold making tips through Pandaria and we hope you found this guide useful.

Sha of Anger spawn points