Hayden Hawke’s Secret Gold Guide – Review

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Hayden Hawke's Secret Gold GuideThe Secret Gold Guide by Hayden Hawke is a WoW gold guide that has been around for years. It is written by Hayden Hawke, a WoW player who constantly stays updated with all the various gold making strategies in WoW.

It is delivered as a downloadable guide in PDF format. Any computer or tablet device can open it. You also get access to her member’s only blog, which contains updated gold making tips.

The Secret Gold Guide covers tons of gold making strategies. It has been updated and rewritten for every expansion, including MoP, and it contains some tips for Warlords of Draenor and Legion.

Unfortunately, she hasn’t been providing the weekly updates for a long time. She still provides some updates, but not as frequently as promised. On a positive note, she has reduced the price to only $5 per month, which is cheap considering everything you’re getting.

The Secret Gold Guide will show you how to make gold the following ways:

  • Gathering professions
  • Crafting professions
  • Grinding
  • Auction house trading
  • Farming
  • Dailies
  • Low-level tips
  • Addons
  • Much more

One of the chapters I liked best was the one dealing with the Auction House. I liked how Hayden Hawke didn’t complicate things and explained her strategies in the easiest way possible without wasting words. Hayden’s methods are unique and very profitable.

The gold guide is full of maps and pictures that make the strategies easy to follow. However, as mentioned, many of the tips and strategies are now outdated.

Will it be updated for Legion?

I don’t know. Considering that she hasn’t even updated it adequately for Warlords of Draenor (in my opinion), I wouldn’t expect too much.


The Secret Gold Guide is, in my opinion, the best written WoW gold guide, but much of it is outdated now. It’s still decent, but could be better.

Get the lowest price on Secret Gold Guide

Personally, I think the Tycoon Gold Addon is a better product nowadays if you want to make a lot of gold in WoW.