Dugi Guides Review

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Editor’s rating: stars-4½ (4.5 of 5)
Guide last updated: Updated for Legion (level 1-110)
Guide suitable for: Beginner – advanced players

Dugi GuidesDugi Guides (a.k.a. Ultimate WoW Guide) offer a range of in-game WoW guides, viewable as addons inside the game, their most popular being the leveling guide.

They’re all offered as one package, so you get ALL their guides when you sign up at their website.

I’ve been following and playing with Dugi guides since 2006 when I first started playing WoW, and I’ve seen them constantly improve their products with new features, as well as better customer service and faster updates for new patches and expansions.

All their guides are updated for Legion, the latest WoW expansion. In fact, they’re always kept up-to-date with the latest patch, thanks to their handy auto-updater which handles all the updates automatically.

Below you can read in more detail what I think about Dugi’s various WoW Guides.

Dugi’s Leveling Guides Review

Dugi Leveling GuidesDugi’s leveling guides contain detailed 1-110 leveling guides for horde and alliance. They come as an in-game addon, meaning you view the leveling instructions from inside the game. It tells you exactly what to do at any time: pick up a quest, turn in a quest, slay mobs, collect items, and so on.

It completely takes the frustration out of leveling.

There’s also a waypoint arrow showing you where you need to go to do each step. How convenient is that? Some other features include:

  • Streamlined 1-110 leveling path for optimal leveling speed
  • Very compact; doesn’t clutter your screen
  • Displays quest items in a clickable icon when you need them, no more searching through your bags to find them! (Love it)
  • Starting zone guides for all races, including death knights, goblins, worgen etc.

The talent guides show you how to spend your talents while leveling, as well as for other purposes at level 110

The leveling guides also have several features which make it easy to jump in at any level, as well as level with rested EXP, heirloom items, Blizzard’s recruit-a-friend program etc. In other words, you don’t have to be a slave to these guides. If you want to do something else, like instances or battlegrounds, it will be very easy to get back on track with the leveling guide, automatically.

There are a lot more features that you can read about on their website, but let’s just say that Dugi’s leveling guides rock! Click here to learn more

Dugi Dailies & Seasonal Events Guide Review

Dugi Dailies & Events GuideDugi’s Dailies & Events Guide helps you speed up your daily quest routine tremendously. As the other Dugi guides, it is viewable in-game as an addon.

This guide will help you earn much more gold, reputation, pets and titles, epic items, enchants and more, and frees up time to do other fun things in WoW as well

It shows you how to power your way through all the important level 70-110 daily quests faster than you thought possible. Dailies are cool because you earn guaranteed gold (no Auction House selling required), reputations, mounts, vanity items and so on.

There’s also an Argent Tournament guide, but the best part in my opinion is the Events guide. That one will walk you through the seasonal events in WoW — you know like Children’s Week, Feast of Winter Veil etc. (all 12 of them) – earning you achievements, gold, reputation, pets and other goodies.

As a bonus there are 20 instructional videos for even faster dailies. The faster you do them, the more gold per hour you get, so that’s very useful as well.

Dugi Achievements & Professions Guide Review

Dugi Achievement & Professions GuideDugi’s Achievements & Professions Guide is an entirely new in-game guide desgined to help you powerlevel your professions to max skill level as fast and easy as humanly possible, and earn awesome achievements and their associated rewards.

Basically, if there’s an achievement that can be put inside this addon guide, it’s there. You can see the full list of covered achievements on Dugi’s site. Don’t miss out on stunning rare mounts that will get you envied again and again.

Also included are step-by-step guides for ALL professions (even lockpicking, fishing, cooking etc.) And you can even select whether or not you have materials to level those professions or not. If not, the guide will show you where to collect the materials you need.

Dugi or Zygor?

I personally prefer Dugi. They’re both good, but I find Dugi easier to use.


Each guide stands well on its own, but together this package becomes that much more powerful. Additionally, there is a community forum and fast and friendly support if you need it. Dugi’s company is very reputable and has been around since 2005 and are always keeping the guides up to date, so you can be sure that you have the latest guidance at your fingertips at all times.

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